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If you're an orthodontic or dental professional in Stillwater, St. Croix Falls, or the surrounding area, and you're looking to advance your career and be a part of our vision of being the best part of patients day, we’re accepting applications at Orchin + Orchin Specialists in Orthodontics! We believe in having FUN as a team and sharing in our success. Let’s make people SMILE together 🙂

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We are always looking for amazing people to join us!

What is working with us like? Hear from our past team members in Washington, DC:

Working with the Orchins was such an amazing and fun experience. Their attention to detail with each and every patient was phenomenal. They care so much for the patients and staff. It felt like a family! I started working with the Orchins with 13 years of orthodontic experience. I can honestly say, I learned more about orthodontics during my time with them than before I joined their team. I will always be grateful for the opportunity I had to work with such wonderful doctors!

- Candace B.

We all want a workplace that not only supports us but makes us feel like part of the team. It is what we all need in order to feel some sense of purpose. While working with Drs. Orchin and Orchin, my purpose was always noticed. Both doctors were (and still are) super supportive and helpful. They are extremely knowledgeable in their field and as employers. If I didn't understand something, their door was always open to ask questions of any sort. I always enjoyed our mini-lessons at the chair with our patients. It helped make the patients' visits more personable and gave me a chance to truly understand orthodontics. I'll admit, my background experience only involved general dentistry, but Drs. Orchin and Orchin took a chance in helping me understand and reach my fullest potential in every aspect of the orthodontic office. If you're looking for an office that recognizes your talents, potential, and curiosity then look no further than Orchin and Orchin. They are brilliant doctors to the art of orthodontics and phenomenal people to work with!

- Atiyah S.

Working with The Orchin’s I was constantly learning and growing every day! They treat their staff like family and create a fun and goal-oriented environment that made working feel less like work. I always felt like I was part of something unique and special. The care their patients receive is above and beyond the normal scope of orthodontics. I will always admire the Orchin’s and I’ll be cheering them on as they begin their next journey with you all at Orchin and Orchin Specialists in Orthodontics.

- Monica D.

What I loved about our office and the DC Orchin practice were the friendships I made, the time you guys spent on making games and surprising us, and how you made us feel like we are working together like a big family. I think whoever gets to work for you guys is very lucky and wouldn’t be disappointed!

- Nazee F.

I loved working for Orchin Orthodontics! I was not only a member of an incredible team but a member of an incredible family! Both doctors are amazing at creating beautiful smiles with patients and their team! Love you guys!! Good luck with the new practice!!

- Tara P.