Stillwater and St. Croix Falls Braces

Like regular braces but way cooler ☺️
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All About Braces from Orchin + Orchin Specialists in Orthodontics

These orthodontic workhorses have a long history of straightening teeth.  At Orchin + Orchin Specialists in Orthodontics, we put a new spin on and old standard.

Smoother, sleeker and more comfortable than ever before, we combine the lastest in design and prescription with the newest technologies in wires and orthodontic wizardry to provide you with the most comfortable and quickest braces experience.

What Are Braces Made of?


The brackets Dr. Jill M. Orchin and Dr. Andrew M. Orchin use are durable and made from a mix of stainless steel, nickel, and other metals, or you can choose clear braces.

Whether your braces are metal or want colors?!?!  WE HAVE COLORS!!!  Have fun with it - when else do you get to go high fashion with your teeth?  Dress them up!


This thin piece of metal of varying biomaterials runs from one bracket to another. Dr. Jill or Andrew Orchin will change the wire's shape, material and curvature to move your teeth in the right direction.


Orthodontic Bands

These are stainless steel rings that are cemented to your teeth using dental bonding agents. These bands can provide an anchor for your braces and orthodontic appliances, but they’re not used for everyone.

Elastics/Rubber Bands

If Dr. Jill or Andrew Orchin determines that you need bite correction, elastics are essential. They’re generally strung between an upper bracket hook and a lower bracket hook.

Think of elastics or rubber bands like a fun game of in your mouth tug of war.  We use them to strategically develop anchorage and bring certain teeth to certain places.

Elastic Ties/O-Rings/Ligatures/Colors

These tiny rubber rings or bands are used to attach the archwire to the brackets. At Orchin + Orchin Specialists in Orthodontics, they come in dozens of colors.  Limitless combinations of colors await you!  We get as excited about the next great color combo as you do!


These small elastic “donuts” or rings can be used by Dr. Jill M. Orchin and Dr. Andrew M. Orchin to create space between your teeth when needed, typically before bands are placed. They’re also referred to as separators.

FAQS About Braces in Stillwater and St. Croix Falls